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Electronics & Communications Engineering Solutions

Technical Consultants

Military, medical and aviation technical projects in electronics, radio frequency, mechanics and software.

We can make your project a reality - economically & quickly

We have a track record of assisting companies, inventors, hospitals and universities in taking any aspect of their technical project or business forward. We design and make things: from early stage prototypes to fully functioning production-ready examples - even down to silicon wafer-level devices.

We are a one-stop shop for technical help, including:

We build your proof-of-Concepts, Prototypes and small production runs
Compile documentation for CE-marking your product & other Approval Applications
We write Specifications, Handbooks, Manuals & other documents
Technical Project Planning - Technical Risk Assements
Product/Industrial Design for Market
Undertake independent Technical Evaluations
Carry out business Planning and Funding
Put in place Production Processes & Quality Management

We can help you overcome the obstacles.

Developing specialist electronics products (particularly for the medical, avionics and military markets) can lead you into many expensive pitfalls. We aim to help you bring technical products to market in the shortest time possible by helping to overcome those obstacles. Our work includes all the mandatory planning and documentation for systems like CE, ISO:13485, ISO: 9001, MIL-STD-498, MIL-STD-883. In fact, if you want a Quality Management System put in place - we can help you with that too.

Quality services from concept through to production

If you have a problem, we can help fix it. If you have a resource shortage we can fill that gap.

We have decades of hands-on experience at our disposal, and a wide network of quality resources ranging from assembly workshops, to cutting-edge analysis equipment and research labs, to highly qualified 'experts in the field'.

We specialise in end-to-end electronic product design & manufacturing projects, providing a hub for focussed quality services to help take your idea from concept through to production.

Working together with us allows you to focus on what you do well. Take advantage of our extensive experience in military, medical, aviation & general electronics and discover how we can we make your project a reality - economically and quickly.

View the services we offer to see how we can help at all stages of the project cycle.

Take a look at our portfolio to view some of the projects we have successfully delivered.

Contact us today to find how we can we make your project a reality - economically and quickly.

 07545 784291

The One-Stop Shop

Vivitronics is a technical consulting company specialising in electronic product design and manufacturing projects.

If you have the idea, we can help make it a reality.

From Concept to Production

We can assist at all project stages from initial concept to production.

• Standards & Approvals (ISO, IEC and more)
• Rapid Design (hardware and software)
• Rapid prototypes
• Industrial Design
• Full Project Management
• Sourcing manufacturers and suppliers
• Validation and Verification

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Key Industries

Take advantage of our extensive experience in technology markets.

• Medical
• Military
• Aviation
• General electronics
• Hardware
• Software
• Mechanics
• Radio frequency

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Latest Tech News

Vivitronics Ltd, Dunkeswell, Honiton, Devon, UK. Registered in England No. 08437872

Vivitronics Technical Consultants offer full Technical Project Management and Consultancy in electronic product design and manufacturing. We can assist at all project stages from initial concept to production: Technical Analysis; Risk analysis; Rapid Design (hardware and software); Rapid prototypes; Industrial Design; Full Project Management; Design and Project Reviews; Sourcing manufacturers and suppliers; Validation and Verification; Approvals processes to ISO 9000, FDA Title 21, 60601, EU Directives; Patents and Intellectual Property. Our expertise lies in the fields of military, medical, aviation and general electronics.

Vivitronics is a member of the British Standards Institute. We adhere to the ISO13485:2012 Quality Management System, and are currently working toward achieving certification (expected 2016).

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